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E-commerce Websites


  • Basic five-page websites start at $699 - includes a custom header, a blog, mobile support, on-site Search Engine Optimization, user documentation, and one hour of training
  • Custom logos - $149
  • Slideshows, photo galleries, audio and video, e-commerce, and custom web applications (PHP, MySQL database, input forms, questionnaires, PDF, Excel spreadsheet, HTML e-mails, etc) are an additional cost depending on requirements


  • Custom websites built according to your specifications
  • Custom logos
  • Website facelifts, makeovers, and redesign
  • Mobile website conversion
  • Simple e-commerce websites supporting a small number of products or services
  • Complex e-commerce websites supporting an unlimited number of products or services, shopping carts, payment gateways, customer accounts, membership programs, affiliate programs, wishlists, e-gift cards, etc
  • Content Management System (CMS) websites - WordPress, X-Cart, OpenCart
  • Add a WordPress blog to your existing website
  • Audio, video, slideshow, photo gallery applications
  • Custom PHP and MySQL database applications
  • Custom PDF, Excel spreadsheet, and HTML e-mail applications
  • Custom Photoshop and Illustrator work


  • I listen carefully to your wants and needs
  • I work with you, and together we design your website
  • I translate the "technical talk" into a language you’ll understand
  • I touch base frequently so you always know what's happening and where the project stands


  1. Initial chat
    • We chat on the phone or exchange e-mails so I can get an overview of your business, your ideas, and your needs.
  2. Follow-up
    • We have a follow-up phone call or we meet in person so I can ask more questions and get more details.
  3. Project Proposal
    • I put together a Project Proposal which defines the scope and specifications of the project (website style, page mockups, navigation, pages, features, functionality, pricing, payments, etc).
    • Initially, the Project Proposal is a "working document" that we work on together - adding, changing, and rearranging until we're both satisifed with the content.
    • Once the Project Proposal is finalized, we both sign and date and keep a copy for our records. Creating a finalized Project Proposal can take anywhere from several days to several weeks depending on the complexity of the project.
    • The beauty of having a Project Proposal is that we both know where we're headed, what's included, what's not included, and the total price, before work is started.
  4. Payments
    • I charge an up-front fee for the Project Proposal. The fee ranges from 10%-25% of the total project price. The fee is, in effect, a "down payment" and it is credited against the total project price.
    • For the balance of the project price, we agree on a payment schedule which includes amounts and due dates (included in the Project Proposal).
    • I accept cash, check, or PayPal.
  5. We start work on the project
    • I say "we" because building a website is truly a joint effort - you know your business and I know how to build a website.
    • As work proceeds, I need frequent input and feedback from you to make sure we're headed in the right direction. I'll also need you to do other things like signing up for a hosting account or a payment processor account, or supplying me with page text content and/or digital files.
    • If we're building an e-commerce website, you may elect to do all of your own data entry, a process that can be very time-consuming and have a significant learning curve.
    • In short - you'll need to invest a fair amount of your time in the project in order for it to be successful and for it to be completed on time.
  6. Project "sign-offs"
    • As certain phases of the project are completed, there may be project "sign-offs". A "sign-off" is simply an agreement between us that a certain phase of the project is completed (for example, the graphic design and layout of a page header). Once a signoff is agreed to, any later changes to that phase may result in an additional fee.
    • Project "sign-offs" are standard operating procedure employed by many professional web designers in order to keep the project on schedule and under control.
  7. Project communication
    • Communication is a key element to any successful website project.
    • I'm online all day long, working on multiple projects at any given time. So, for me the most efficient way to work is to communicate with my clients via e-mail throughout the day.
    • Of course, some things must be discussed on the phone or face to face. When that's necessary we will schedule a time to meet.
    • I respond to all voice messages within 24 hours
  8. Project completion
    • When the project is completed we can both enjoy the "fruits of our labor".
    • Having said that, with websites change is inevitable and ongoing - there's almost always something else to be done. So, I hope my business relationship with you will be ongoing as well!


  • Web Design - I do all of the "front-end" page layout and artistic work which determines how a website looks to the viewer
  • Web Development - I do all of the "back-end" programming and technical work which makes a website function properly
  • HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, AJAX, JSON, Adobe CS6, e-commerce, responsive mobile design


  • 5+ years professional experience in Web Design and Development
  • 15 years professional experience in Photography and Fine Art
  • 17 years experience corporate Information Technology
  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration


  • Sincere, honest, straightforward, and professional
  • Results-oriented, committed to your project, working hard (and smart) to make you a satisfied client


"David has earned the reputation of being a dedicated, hard-working, intuitive and flexible web designer. We have been working on my website for some time as my products are slightly complicated with numerous product options. Throughout the process David paid close attention to my business so he could accomplish all the goals relating to how a shopper would be interacting and making product selections on my site.

"He is organized, thorough and has a sharp eye for detail. He is prompt in responding to calls and emails and his ability to communicate so I could understand the process is highly commendable. I highly recommend David if you are considering designing a website or re-designing one you already have.

"Thank you David for your patience, professionalism and dedication to seeing this project through to the end."

Cheryl Bochner

Invitations and Gift Connection

November, 2015

"David was referred to me by a social media marketer and I must say I had no expectations. I was pleasantly surprised.

"David is clear in his descriptions of the scope of work, keeps you abreast of status and any changes, persistent when glitches present themselves (as they always do!) and overall he is a joy to work with.

"I would highly recommend his services and him personally."

Eileen Hall

Embassy Tours

July, 2015

"David specializes in being thorough with a keen eye for detail. My website is what I imagined, which speaks to David's insight into one's vision and his ability to listen to the client.

I would certainly recommend anyone to David who wants it done right and for a reasonable price."

Jim Lang

Surface Savers

December, 2014

"Hiring David Spiegelberg to be my website designer was a great decision. He's extremely professional, very hard working and honest.

"He got my website up and running super fast and I love the finished product. I'm one very satisfied customer.

"If you need a website created, definitely hire David!"

Rachel Winter, Professional Organizer

Happy Home Organizers, LLC

September, 2014

"I was referred by a close friend to David for web design. I currently had a website but it needed to be updated. I was amazed at the difference David made on my website.

"David was great to work with. He was always prompt in getting back to me on calls and questions I had. He was professional, efficient, and very much a perfectionist.

"David was also very cautious and careful as to how he re-designed my website so that my rankings were not affected.

"David's the best!"

Brenda Bark, Personal Fitness Trainer

My Focus on Fitness

November, 2012

"I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all your help with designing and building my website. Several of my customers have commented on the quality of the photos you took of my brittle - they are topnotch.

"Your thoroughness and attention to detail, and your ability to communicate exactly what each step entailed, enabled me to have a complete understanding of the website design process. Thank you for responding promptly to my phone calls and emails when I needed further clarification.

"You are at the top of my list when I am asked for web designer recommendations!

"Thanks again for a job well done."

Deborah Davies, Owner

DD's Desert Delights, LLC

September, 2012

"I recently employed David from Fine Design with You in Mind to design and create websites for my new small business. Having no experience in building a website before, David made the process very easy to understand and had me involved every step of the way.

"David also designed my custom graphics and company logos which I think are very creative and exceeded my expectations. David was very easy to work with overall and I am so happy and pleased with my websites and the content that David created for me.

"I highly recommend David of Fine Design with You in Mind to anyone looking for a custom website or graphics!"

Andrea, Interior Designer

Red Egg Design Group

July, 2012